This site is meant to provide ‘trainers’ or active responders in the field with the necessary tools to conduct marine mammal stranding response training for a core or beginner audience. The content is geared towards recommending standards and skills for marine mammal stranding response internationally. For the untrained volunteer or viewer, the basics of stranding response are provided and are encouraged to seek training to become an active responder.


As one of the main purposes of this site is to expand the international stranding response community and connect individuals and institutions across the globe, we would like to learn more about you, your background, and activities. Registered users will be added to a dedicated mailing list to get site updates, research news, and information on training workshops, fellowships, and other opportunities to advance skills. Users will also benefit from increased access to the wider stranding response community. Registration is quick and easy and can be done here REGISTER


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Disclaimer – Information provided here has not been endorsed by any single entity or authority. Materials have been developed by an active international community of experts to disseminate information on best practices and for encouraging intellectual exchange with a broad community of users. Trainers and responders must adhere to individual country legislative and stranding response authorization requirements.

This is an educational site and the images and materials used in the preparation of the training content are subject to the Creative Common License. Multiple individuals and institutions have provided photographs and content, which were taken under appropriate authorization (e.g., permit, Stranding Agreement). Materials including images must be used solely for educational or training purposes with attribution. Commercial use of materials is prohibited. Training materials may be modified but author permissions need to be sought to ensure content has not been distorted or misused.


Woods Hole Open Access Server

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