Welcome Trainers and Trained Responders!

In this section, you will learn more about the specific training modules available on marine mammal stranding response and how to access them for training or educational purposes. The training materials are housed on the Woods Hole Open Access Server (WHOAS) repository.


1) Complete registration at WHOAS at this link. This will be a one-time registration. Don’t forget to check your email spam folder for registration replies from whoas@mblwhoilibrary.org

2) Email whoas@whoi.edu and mridula.srinivasan@noaa.gov or kmoore@ifaw.org once you have registered at WHOAS and indicate your interest to access GMAST training materials. 

If you need assistance with your WHOAS account registration, please email whoas@whoi.edu or call +1-508-289-2865.

The collection is entitled Training Resources for Marine Mammal Stranding Response” (WHOAS direct link to the collection). There are two sub-communities in this collection: 1) Training Presentations and  2) Supporting Training Materials (reference materials and resources).

Designing a comprehensive training program is difficult and has to be structured to the audience and situational demands. We provide a suggested curriculum with optional lesson modules for conducting a marine mammal stranding response training. The modules are provided in MS PowerPoint format and can be modified to suit regional issues or taxa. In addition, we provide background materials and supplementary resources on various topics to aid in training.

The modules are a work in progress and are exclusively directed at new or less-experienced responders and trainers. We continue to evaluate the materials in different settings internationally and are eager for feedback from users.



Woods Hole Open Access Server

This link takes you to the Marine Mammal Stranding Response repository on the Woods Hole Open Access Server (WHOAS). You will need to register on that site to download content and training materials that are housed there. This will be a one-time registration process.

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